It’s a wonderful day at TB&W

•May 29, 2008 • Leave a Comment

So, I started a shiny new job on the 27th, which would have been… Tuesday?

There’s “a little training” involved in the call center, Customer Service job.   Like, four weeks of intensive, 8 hour a day lessons with webcourses and a big book for classroom work each week and quizzes and tests and everything.   If you’re going to do loan servicing for these guys, you’re sure as hell going to know what you’re talking about before they let you loose on their clients.

I find it interesting that I, the poster child for the Underachiever, that used to merrily skip class in high school to run the roads with my friends and who’s entire school career can be summed up in the one phrase seen on most of my report cards (“could do very well if she applied herself”), seem to have discovered this long lost want to study and kick ass on the tests to get the best score competitive streak now that I’ve been out of school far, far more years than I’m willing to readily admit to.

Okay, it’s twenty next year.   Happy?

They score you on a “weighted average” system.   Quizzes count for 7-10%. finals for 70% per section.   A 75% average per section is required to continue on with the class and eventual employment.   So far I’m at 93.31% and 95%.  Nice, but not good enough.

All of this makes me wonder if I really should consider some sort of schooling again, since I’ve discovered that I actually kind of like this whole open my head and put new information in there thing.  Of course, it’s three days into the 4 week course, so maybe I should see how I feel about it in the end.  If nothing else, I’ll be certified in lots of nifty mortgage lending things, and watch out when we actually go ahead with buying a house.   For I am Shel, the applied-herself-twenty-years-too-late-knows-more-about-mortgages-than-the-average-bunny Girl Wonder.

Go me.


Spring colds

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Ugh.  I hate being sick.   It makes me cranky.  And it’s hot, which makes me cranky.

Overall?   I’m cranky.

On a completely unrelated note, new love is still about the most intoxicating thing I’ve ever experienced.  It’s all consuming and cures absolutely anything.  It’s a rush like no other, and I feel lucky to have found it again.

Here we go again

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So, another blog on another site.   I’m planning to just blog every day stuff, because my memory is shitty and now in a few months when I’m thinking “gee, when did “X” happen?” I can look back and see.  Go technology!